Web Builders
Ages: 8 - 13 Days: 3 - 4 Build your own website at Code Camp! Students will learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create a multi-page website on a topic of their choice.
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Create your own website

Starting from scratch, students will build a website on a topic of their choice using pure HTML, CSS & JavaScript!


Learn new coding skills

Web Builders is the only Code Camp where you can learn HTML & CSS, the framework every web page is built in!


Carry on coding at home

You can access all the same tools used at our camps at home and carry on coding with our new video tutorials.

Meet Lamar

This ten-year-old first attended Code Camp in 2016 where she created a website to help her dad quit smoking.

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Action-Packed Days

Day One

Ideate and explore

Like a good book, each website starts with an idea. Assuming your kids have brought in their favourite photos on a USB stick, we can get straight into brainstorming the layout of their website. From there, we’ll start to learn the basics of HTML & CSS as our website comes to life. 

Day Two

User experience

With the homepage complete, we can now start to create menus, forms, videos, photos and engaging content to excite our visitors. We’ll also be learning about and adding stylesheets, adding buttons, maps and so much more!

Day Three

Let's go live!

It’s time to put the finishing touches on our brand-new website! Today, we’ll be:

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