Total Course Fee $325​, Get $100 off to use kids voucher $325 $225 $225 $225 $225

Students will be learning PYTHON. On completion of the program, student should be able to


Age Group: 10+

Available Time : 8AM to 8PM AET (7 days)

Lesson Type: One to One

Duration: 1 hr each week for 6 weeks

Learning Mode: Online

First SESSION Is free For Trial

Environment setup, Start coading, variable ( int, float, Boolean, string ∙ Printing ), user input

After Finishing First Class, If you seem we are perfect for your child, Then book other classes

Second Session

Variable arithmetic, if, else Condition, Comparators

Third Session

Loops, code style, variable names, Introduce PEP 8 style, Comments

Fourth Session

Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries

Fifth Session

Functions, Splitting code into multiple files, Importing, Tell me more about your interest

Sixth Session

Full Project built on PYTHON and Feedback session. Certificate up on completion. Statement of Interest for next programming language

Study Materials​​

Prior Knowledge & Experience​

Certificate upon Completion ​

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