Welcome to our Coding and Robotics Programs at Matthew Pearce Public School. We run programs in different Primary & High schools. We are very excited to offer our programs in Term3 and the upcoming Terms at MPPS.

Learning Coding Languages

Learning Robotics

Learning Design

Signing into the classroom at 3J

Please talk to your child about how to get to the classroom on the day of their class. Our Staff Member will be in front of classroom 3J from 2:50 PM and they will sign your child into the classroom after they arrive. If your child doesn’t come into the class by 3:15 PM, we will mark your child absent for the day.

What happens if your child is absent for a class?

Please email us as soon as possible so we can inform the Instructor who will help your child catch up during the next session. At the end of the Program, we will have a fun and interactive assessment for your child to complete and upon completion your child will be provided a certificate. 

Feedback for Students & Parents

Students will have CodingPro E-Learning access through Google Classroom. You can check the details of your child’s work, allowing you to track the progress of their learning with us. If you would like any specific feedback from the Instructor, please send us an email to [email protected] so we will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Homework & E-Learning Activities


Students will have homework exercises to complete every week. The exercises will not be overwhelmingly time-demanding – it will be about half-an-hour to one-hour of work every week. Also, homework is completely optional as your child will learn the relevant skills in the classroom regardless. We usually deal with e-learning activities in and outside the face-to-face classroom in the following ways:

  • The Instructor will provide homework in the Google Classroom. Students will receive immediate notification of this.
  • Students will need to submit their homework by using Google Classroom if they wish to do so.
  • Work will be reviewed and commented on within the Google Classroom.
  • The Instructor will post any communication through the Google Classroom Stream including comments or responses to any questions from the students.

How will the Google Classroom will be set up

Your child will need a separate Gmail (NOT SCHOOL EMAIL) to connect to our E-Learning platform through Google Classroom. You can use your personal email, however, we recommend that you create a separate email for your child for the purpose of participating in our E-Learning Platform. 

Conceptual Understanding & Practical Demonstration


We make sure all of our lessons have a mix of conceptual understanding as well as practical demonstration, be it coding, robotics or design classes. This, we believe, is the best way kids can learn about technology.

Class Activities


CodingPro Education provides well-prepared and well-structured lessons. We prepare the materials based on multiple difficulty levels making sure that your child enjoys the lesson through a fun and interactive way. We also provide enough project-based practical learning and demonstration to ensure that the students are confident in using the technology that they are learning. We do this by way of uploading lesson materials in advance, making sure that your child is aware of the lesson that they are coming for next. We also use Kahoot and other play-based activities which help the students achieve the program objective. 


How to Get There: it is straight walk from the front office. The class is on the right when you are walking from the front office towards 3J.
Class Details: 3J. CodingPro Staff Member will be at 3J after 2.50 signing students in for the class. If your child is unsure, please ask them to go to the office and ask for the direction for classroom 3J.
Days: Monday – Thursday (once a week if your child is enrolled in only 1 program)
Time: 3-4 PM
Pick Up Time: 4.05 PM onwards
Pick Up Procedure: You MUST sign your child out by going to our website at the bottom of this webpage. The Instructor can help you with this on the site.


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, parents are not permitted to be on school grounds or at school events – this includes parents and carers unless specifically approved by the principal. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE CLASSROOM AS OUR STAFF MEMBER WILL BRING THE CHILDREN TO THE ALLOCATED SPOT (IN THE PICTURE) FROM WHERE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO COLLECT YOUR CHILD. We will not be able to provide lesson for your child unless you adhere to this school safety protocols.

Students, please sign yourself in

Parents, please sign out

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