Bankstown – Robotics: IoT (Age 12-17)

Course Overview

Sensors, actuators and micro-controllers

Students should be able to describe commonly used electronic techniques that are used to connect sensors and actuators:

  • I2C
  • 1-Wire
  • RS232
  • Hardwiring (Digital and analogue)

Students should be able to identify sensors and actuators and explain their roles.

Students should understand the following criteria when selecting a micro-controller:

  • Power usage
  • CPU power
  • Memory
  • Interfaces available (both in types and quantity)
  • Connectivity method to gateway (wired, Bluetooth, LoraWan, LTE

Study Materials

  • Materials will be provided prior to the delivery of the lesson each week.
  •  Students will have E-learning class access
  • Students will work on their own projects provided by the instructor
  • Fun and Interactive lesson materials.

Prior Knowledge & Experience

  • Students need to complete micro: bits, Arduino & Raspberry pi projects before commencing this program

Certificate upon Completion

  • Students will be assessed and provided certificates.

Booking details


Bankstown – Robotics: IoT (Age 12-17)

Every Friday Afternoon (4.15 pm to 5.15pm)

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